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How to Do Celebrations in Madden 23

It's just a bit of friendly banter
Players on the pitch ready to start the match in Madden 23.
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In Madden 23, players will have the opportunity to taunt and showboat on their opponents. You can perform a celebration before getting a Touch Down. This has been a part of the Madden gameplay, as long as the Prancing Bird and Shush celebrations have been a part of FIFA. However, executing this move can be difficult due to the adjustment in speed and the ability for your opposition to catch up to you on the field. This guide will show you how to celebrate in Madden 23.

How to Celebrate in Madden NFL 23

From previous Madden games, EA had players use the left Trigger to perform Celebrations. However to celebrate in Madden 23, this has been changed to holding both Triggers (‘L2’ + ‘R2’ or ‘LT’ + ‘RT’) and ‘X’ (PlayStation) or ‘A’ (Xbox). You need to hold these right before executing a Touch Down. Your character will begin celebrating as you gain yards. Keep in mind however that you will drastically slow down as you celebrate in Madden 23 so do not use this too early otherwise you will be punished for it. Only use it is you see no one close by who could tackle you.

By holding this earlier than what would typically be done in a match, you can taunt your opponent. Just remember that you will slow down a lot as you celebrate so you do not want to hold the buttons listed above unless you are in the clear to score a Touch Down. You can also perform a celebratory dive into the End Zone by holding ‘Square‘ on the PlayStation or ‘X‘ on the Xbox. Your player will leap into the End Zone, executing a celebration mid-dive. You really do not want to hold this button too early however as you will halt your player’s movements, forcing another play instead of getting a Touch Down.

If you cannot celebrate in Madden due to your controls, as another screen pops up when you hold the left Trigger, you will need to change your Settings. Go to Accessibility and disable Quick Chat. This will remove the Chat function and allow you to execute a celebration before getting a Touch Down.

That is our quick guide on how to celebrate in Madden 23. For more Madden content, we have How to Intercept in Madden 23 and How to Dive in Madden 23 for those just getting started on this game. Follow us on our Facebook page if you are interested in reading more from us.

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