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How to Call Vehicles in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Rest points in Ghost Recon Breakpoint allow you to call specific vehicles to your points before you leave.

How to Call Vehicles in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Locate a bivouac in your location, which will allow you to summon a vehicle to get around. After finding one of these, you should be able to go on your way and get around the map with ease.

You should have five options available at the rest points after finding a bivouac. Tactics, Shop, Craft, and Garage – the last being where you want to look to call a vehicle. Choose your option and it will show up somewhere near your location.

Every rest point does not ave the same options, so you need to make sure the area you’re in has the “garage” availability. Due to the craziness of Aurora, it can sometimes be a little tough to get around in certain vehicles.

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