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How to Build Underwater in Valheim

How to Build Underwater in Valheim

Building things is one of the features of Valheim that keeps players coming back for more. After exploring your entire map and summoning and defeating all the bosses, creating a remarkable Viking settlement is the primary concern. Though the building in Valheim is pretty robust, it becomes difficult in certain situations, especially when water comes into the mix. Here’s how to build underwater in Valheim.

The problem with building in or near bodies of water is that your character will begin swimming when your feet no longer touch the ground. It makes building docks and structures near water tedious to the architect, but one player found an easy solution.

user in the Valheim subreddit explains how he uses diagonal structures to build underwater. 

How to Build Underwater in Valheim

To build underwater in Valheim, you can use the angled roof structures or sloped wooden beams to force your character underwater. As long as your feet touch the ground, you’re good to build whatever you like.

The explanation sounds a lot simpler than it is in practice, though, so take this as a fair warning. You may consider this an “exploit” of sorts, but it’s just clever use of in-game mechanics. Building things like docks can be a nightmare, so consider trying this method out to put the finishing touches on your settlement. Or, you could try and recreate Atlantis. The possibilities are endless!

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