How Many Players Can Play One Armed Robber?

Coop is the best!
One-Armed Robber Multiplayer featured
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One Armed Robber is certainly one fun game to play solo, but it gets even better when you add friends and coordinate through the complex missions. However, whether it will be easier or harder in a team depends on the type of vibe you and your friends have.

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Plenty of gamers wondered how many people could join their party as they wished to expand their fun and increase their chances by increasing their numbers. Well, everything you need to know about One Armed Robber multiplayer is in this article.

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How Many People Can Be in One Armed Robber Coop?

Four is the maximum number of players that can play together and participate in one heist. The game only has multiplayer coop mode and doesn’t feature a PvP mode.

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You can either invite your friends from the right side of the screen or click Find Game and find random strangers online players to join you in your robbery. Sometimes, it will take a while to find online teammates, but don’t despair. You won’t wait for too long.

Best Tips When Playing One Armed Robber Multiplayer

When you tune in to play One Armed Robber Multiplayer mode, make sure to split obligations in your team. Make someone in charge of carrying tools for breaking and disabling things, always have one or two people at the ready with their guns, and don’t forget to carry as many duffle bags as you can to grab that sweet loot quickly.

Since dropping money and jewelry has a kind of a weird feeling in this game (I always need at least 3 tries before I hit the duffle bag with the money), try practicing it a bit in the tutorial so that when you break open that vault, you don’t need much time to empty it.

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