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How Long Was Link Asleep and Missing in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Answered

Hopefully he doesn't take 100 years to wake up like he did last time.
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The beginning of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom opens up with some very intense cutscenes. Without spoiling too much, Link and Zelda got separated after investigating under Hyrule Castle. And immediately after this, Link is thrown into a deep sleep, before waking up and starting the game.

Since Breath of the Wild lets us know that Link was asleep for at least a hundred years, players began to worry that he had done the exact same thing in TOTK. Which given the current climate of Hyrule, probably wouldn’t be a great idea. This has left players to wonder and question: how long was Link asleep and missing in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

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After failing to combat a mummified Demon King, the Master Sword is shattered, and Link’s right arm is damaged beyond repair. All would have been lost, but thanks to a glowing floating hand, Link survived to see another day. Later, he wakes up in the Room of Awakening with a new hand and the same objective as always: to find Zelda.

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Once players have completed the tutorial island, they can skydive down to the ground and start asking around about the princess. As you’ll come to find, many people have been seeing glimpses of Zelda, before she disappears. Talking to a few of the Hyrule guards about this, it seems that Link took less time to wake up in this game than its predecessor. We can ascertain that Link was asleep and missing for an incredibly short amount of time.

Before Link and Zelda went under Hyrule Castle, a team was put together to go with them and guard the entrance. This same team is still around the crater in the ground where the castle once sat, indicating that not much time has passed since then.

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