Fortnite Season X Oversized Piano Location

Fortnite Season X has launched this weeks set of new challenges for players to complete. One of the Boogie Down set challenges is to find an oversized piano. Note that this challenge is available to players who have purchased this season’s Battle Pass.

The prestige version of this challenge has players return to the location to play some sheet music on it. Previous seasons had players find oversized pianos at various locations around the map. Some people may already be familiar with how this works, but if you’re new we’ll explain what you need to do.

Oversized Piano Location

Fortnite Season X Oversized Piano Location
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Head on over to the Lonely Lodge location and make your way to the east side of the area. You’ll find a hill north of the old mansion, which is just slightly southeast of Lonely Lodge.

As you come close to the location, you’ll see a prompt notifying you of the completed mission. Finish out the match to complete the challenge and claim your reward. You will now have one less mission to complete in the Boogie Down set. After completing all seven normal challenges in this set of challenges, you can prestige and revisit this location.

In the prestige version of this challenge you will need to take a look at the keys listed on the sheet music and play them in the order shown. If you mess up, wait a few seconds to allow the sequence to reset and try again. It doesn’t matter where on the piano you press the note.

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