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Fortnite is now gone from the Google Play Store

Following yesterday’s Fortnite update and removal from the iOS store, Google has also removed the Epic Games title from the Play Store. Fortnite is now missing from both storefronts after implementing a way to bypass Apple and Google’s 30% payment fee.

Epic Games was quick to respond yesterday to Apple’s removal with a George Orwell 1984 style video about defying the alleged “app store monopoly.”

A short time later, Google also followed suit and removed Fortnite from the Google Play Store. Google confirmed the removal in a statement, which is again due to Epic Games’ feature that allows players to circumvent the app store fees. In the new update, Fortnite players can purchase V-Bucks directly from Epic Games for a 20% discounted price. 

For Android players, it is still possible to download and install Fortnite through their website. Apple users will have a tough time because all applications for iOS must go through the App Store. 

Epic’s response includes a lengthy lawsuit against Apple. The #FreeFortnite video and lengthy lawsuit letters may have been put together ahead of time, meaning Epic Games anticipated the removal. In the lawsuit, it appears Epic Games wants to build a storefront for iOS devices.

Epic—and Fortnite’s users—are directly harmed by Apple’s anticompetitive conduct. But for Apple’s illegal restraints, Epic would provide a competing app store on iOS devices, which would allow iOS users to download apps in an innovative, curated store and would provide users the choice to use Epic’s or another third-party’s in-app payment processing tool.

You can get more information and view the entire lawsuit here. Players can still download and install Fortnite for Android devices via the Fortnite website.

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