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Fire Emblem Engage – What Does the Yellow Exclamation Mark Mean?

Should you be worried about the Yellow Exclamation Mark?
Fire Emblem Engage Yellow Exclamation Mark
Image via Intelligent Systems

Fire Emblem Engage is attracting thousands and thousands of players with its great RPG turn-based combat system that awakens the strategist in you. The battles however aren’t a piece of cake and you will have a lot of things to worry like positioning, unit combos, enemy threats, and various indicators. One such indicator is the Yellow Exclamation Mark that you will see above some enemies. However, do you need to be afraid of it or not? Read on, to find out.

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Yellow Exclamation Mark Explained

When battling enemies in Fore Emblem Engage, the Yellow Exclamation Mark is there to warn you about an enemy that has a Killer Weapon. This type of weapon can have up to 25-30% improved critical hit chance which makes them pretty threatening.

Since Killer Weapon wielders can one-shot some of your units, make sure to either avoid approaching them and attacking them with ranged units or focus them down fast and eliminate them. Most of the time they aren’t too tanky and are susceptible to various attacks.

If you think you can’t eliminate the enemy with the Killer Weapon quickly, attack it with a tanky unit that can soak up the damage and take the heat while your other units can attack and eliminate weaker enemies.

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