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Evony Zhao Yun Guide – Best Skills and Builds

We're going Three Kingdoms-style in here.
Image via Evony, LLC

I know basically nothing about the Three Kingdoms era of China beyond “Zhuge Liang was a pretty cool dude,” but according to his blurb in Evony, Zhao Yun’s claim to fame in that era was being appointed as “The General Who Guards The East.” Anyone with a title that awesome has to be a dude worth paying attention to. Here’s a guide to Zhao Yun in Evony, including his best skills and builds.

Evony Zhao Yun Guide – Best Skills and Builds

Zhao Yun is an epic gold-rated general in Evony. The guy costs 60,000,000 gold to get on your side, but don’t worry, he’s worth every penny. Zhao Yun’s specialties are fighting atop a mount and inspiring his followers to do the same. If you’ve got an army riding horses, you’d better believe Zhao Yun knows how to lead ’em.

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Zhao Yun’s Special Skill is Undefeatable General, which provides an attack buff to both footsoldiers and mounted units, plus a health buff to the mounted units, while the general is leading an attack. Zhao Yun also has the following four specialties:

  • Mounted Troop Ares: Buffs attack, defense, and HP of mounted units
  • Mounted Troop Formation: Buffs attack and defense of mounted units
  • Annihilation: Buffs attack of ground and mounted units and increases march size capacity
  • Battle of Han River: Buffs mounted unit attack

Zhao Yun Builds

Image via Evony, LLC

No matter what kind of build you’re making for Zhao Yun, you want to prioritize his mount buffs. It’s all about the mounts, no matter what he’s getting up to. You want buffs for mounted troop attack, defense, and health in all of your equipment refines. Since there are six slots, go ahead and have two refines set for each stat to keep things balanced.

The real meat and potatoes of the build are your Skill Books. Depending on the Skill Books you equip, you can have Zhao Yun specialize in direct mounted conflicts, or in external resource-gathering.

For a mounted combat build, you’ll want level 4 mounted troop health, level 4 mounted troop attack, and level 4 march size. This will allow Zhao Yun to lead a larger army of mounted soldiers, bolstered by his own special ability, to crush opponents early on or go toe-to-toe in the late game.

For a loot hunter build, you’ll want level 4 mounted troop attack, level 4 mounted troop attack against monster, and level 4 luck. This build will allow you to maximize your damage against boss monsters, taking them out swiftly and minimizing casualties, while also increasing your loot yield and bolstering your army in the long run.

Basically, no matter what you do with Zhao Yun, as long as he and his men are on horses, you can’t go wrong. Stick everyone on a mount and go wild.

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