How to Get the Golden Key in Everhood

How to Get the Golden Key in Everhood

The Everhood of, well, Everhood, is a rather ephemeral place. Many parts of it are right out in the open for anyone to see and futz with, while much of it is deliberately obscured from prying eyes. There are numerous secrets to find within this multidimensional labyrinth, and if you want to uncover them, you’re gonna have to jump through a few hoops. Here’s how to get the Golden Key in Everhood.

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In Everhood, there are two instances of large golden locks: on the chest in the flower shop in Midnight Town, and on a door on the far west side of the Mushroom Forest. To crack these locks, you’ll need a key; a large Golden Key to be precise. The good news is that the Golden Key is provided by the Brown Mage of Midnight Town. The bad news is, in order to cajole him into giving it to you, you’re going to need to conduct a series of mildly silly trades across the entire Everhood.

How to Get the Golden Key in Everhood

Everything starts with your first voyage through the Mushroom Forest. After you’re confronted by the Green Mage, he’ll leave you with a simple Clay Pot. Make sure to take it with you before you go. Take the Clay Pot to the owner of the flower shop in Midnight Town and trade it for his Frisbee Hat (which is definitely a trash can lid, but whatever). Give the Frisbee Hat to the trash can right outside the flower shop, and after a brief altercation, he’ll cough up some Toilet Paper. 

Next, visit the Cart Carnival and complete the Vampire Boy’s obstacle course. If you can beat his record of 34.5 seconds, he’ll give you a plastic Cake as a prize. Give the Cake to the Stone Guardian on the east side of Midnight Town, and he’ll trade you a Fishing Hook, which you can then give to the big goldfish on the west side of Midnight Town for a Nice Stick.

Finally, in the large desert, look for a broken down car. You’ll find it shortly after Rasta Beast’s campfire. Interact with it to loot a pair of Batteries.

Time to put it all together. Visit the tall tower on the southwest side of Midnight Town and interact with the little hole at the bottom to talk to the Brown Mage. Give him the Toilet Paper and the Batteries, and he’ll let you inside his house. Talk to the Brown Mage in his house and give him the Nice Stick, and the Golden Key is finally yours. You can go crack those locks now, though, free advice: make sure you save beforehand.

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