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Elder Scrolls Online: Best Classes and Race for Healer

Personally this is who I'd go for
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Healers, this is finally your time to shine because this article is all about you and helping new healers learn what’s best for you. For a long time, healers were just looked at as the mom of all classes. They nurture, protect, and heal when your character is feeling down or isn’t looking too good. In Elder Scrolls Online a healer’s job is to make sure their party is healthy and ready for battle.

They are also impeccable when it comes to their magical abilities, specifically their Magicka, Magicka Recovery, and Cost Reduction. In this guide, we’re going to teach you about the best classes and race for a healer in Elder Scrolls Online.

Elder Scrolls Online Best Healer Race

There are a few races you can choose from when you’re picking a healer class. Those races range from a High Elf, Breton, Dark Elf, Khajiit, and Argonian.

Dark Elf

Personally, I would go for the dark elf because I like a little chaos in my game. A Dark Elf relies on dual wielding, dealing magical damage, and putting emphasis on their intellectual abilities. That’s what I would play if I was looking for the best healing race for my taste.


Others, this might not suit you. Perhaps you want a healer who focuses on versatility, in this case, you should go for the Khajiit who rely on stealth.


We’re not looking for the best race that I think is the best. We’re looking for the best race that all of us believe is superior when dealing with the healing class in Elder Scrolls. If I had to choose from the options given above I’m going to have to go with the Breton race. The reason for this is that they focus all of their attention on Arcane. They also have great Magicka Recovery stats which means they are perfect for healing your teammates.

Elder Scrolls Online Best Class Healers

Now we’re going into classes that deal with healers. In Elder Scrolls, if you want to have the best class when it comes to healing you’re going to want to research either Warden or Templar. Warden have a wide range of healing abilities that make them the perfect class to pick to be a healer.


Wardens have both Healing Seeds and Emerald Moss

  • With Healing Seeds you can get a 2% healing bonus.
  • Emerald Moss gives you a 12% healing power while also making skills such as Green Balance cost less to use.
  • You can set up a Warden with a Khajiit class to build a stamina Warden that provides healing and stamina bonuses.
  • Equip Symphony of Blades so it can activate and start healing your teammates who’s below 50% resources.
  • Try using these abilities when building your Warden such as Radiating Regeneration, Combat Prayer, Illustrious Healing, Enchanted Growth, Blue Betty, Ultimate: Aggressive Horn.
  • Blue Betty is a useful resource management tool.
  • Healing classes primarily focus on spamming Combat Prayer.


My personal preference is the Warden, but let’s look at why the Templar also makes for a great healer. The Templar has a couple great abilities like the Cleansing Ritual, which has been buffed.

  • The Cleansing Ritual will cleanse any harmful effects immediately, and it will heal your teammates that are close to you.
  • You can also use an ability known as Breath of Life that gives bursts of healing to your allies which will help them not get wiped early on in a fight. It’s a way to escape a horrible situation.
  • If you want to set up your Templar be sure to use Breath of Life, Combat Prayer, Illustrious Healing, Radiating Regeneration, Purifying Light, Ultimate: Solar Prison.
  • Combat Prayer will be your main healing power so be sure to use that all the time. Increases damage by 5%.

If you choose either a Warden or a Templar you’re going to be getting classes that are great when it comes to healing teammates over time and keeping them alive.

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