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Elder Scrolls Online: Best Classes and Race for DPS

Deal huge damage with these classes and race!
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Players of the Elder Scrolls Online can agree on at least one thing, that the world they play in (Tamriel) is one of the most immersive of any video game RPG yet to be released. Jump into the action of the Elder Scrolls Online and partake in any section of the plot whenever you wish, meaning that you can skip the boring parts and take on your favorite challenges right away. Work alone or team up with other players as you struggle to survive and navigate the dangerous world of this fantastic game.

One of the most interesting parts of the Elder Scrolls Online is your ability to customize how your character works before they are even finished being created. You can do this by changing their race and class, as each of these different attributes offers unique powers and abilities which can make your game that much better. In this guide we cover how to build your character to have a high DPS in the Elder Scrolls Online.

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How Do You Build for High DPS in the Elder Scrolls Online?

How to Complete Trial of Bravery Elder Scrolls Online
Image via ZeniMax Online Studios

In order to get a high DPS in the Elder Scrolls Online, you will need to make sure that you start off on the right foot from the beginning. This means choosing the right classes and race so to deal the highest damage per second you can in combat. Make sure to take a close look at every option available to you, as even the most experienced players can occasionally be influenced by biases and give poor advice.

Which Classes are the Best for High DPS?

The Sorcerer class in the Elder Scrolls Online is likely the best class to pick in terms of high DPS in the game. It is often the class that popular streamers pick to attempt no-death achievements with, and for good reason. The Sorcerer can deal a ton of area-of-effect damage, which means that you can quickly wipe out multiple enemies in a single attack. Some of their abilities include:

  • Dark Magic – Removes any conditions and effects, while it also restores ally health and their magicka. This skill can even stun and knock down hostiles as well!
  • Storm Calling – All damage you deal will be intensified if its type is Area of Effect.

The Nightblade is another strong class to look at when you are trying to find the best in terms of damage per second. It can cause a ton of damage during its execute phase, and will also naturally regain health, especially while dealing damage. This can be very convenient if your team is not running a healer or you are playing solo and need a reliable source of regeneration. Here are some of the skills that make this class a great choice.

  • Siphoning – There will be a steady amount of DPS dealt to enemies while buffing allies and the caster whenever this skill is active, which helps to improve Nightblade’s DPS output further.
  • Assassination – Reduces incoming healing and adds teleportation and magicka buffs to the caster, as well as increasing any critical damage the caster can deal. Another DPS buff, although this skill does reduce your regeneration.

Which Race is the Best for High DPS?

The absolute, no-contest best race in the Elder Scrolls Online to pick for high DPS is the Khajiit race, because of how their buffs increase damage.

  • Khajiit’s have a 12% increase to their critical damage.
  • They also heal when dealing execute damage, similar to the Nightblade that we discussed above.
  • In fact, the Khajiit Nightblade is vital for players who are looking to maximize their damage output potential.

After Khajiit, we recommend considering Dark Elves and High Elves, both of which also have substantial DPS ability, but they don’t hold a candle to the Khajiit race’s level.

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