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Does Marvel Snap Have a Competitive League? Mobile Game Prepares for Esports

Battle Vs Friends in Marvel Snap!
Marvel Snap Battle Mode Vs Friends Road Map
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The core gaming mechanic in this action-packed digital CCG is snapping (betting) your cubes (ranking points) in order to advance through the ranks. Marvel Snap Battle Mode Vs Friends is poised to enter the Esports world with a few minor rule adjustments and the capability to directly invite opponents to matches!

How to play Battle Mode Vs Friends?

Battle Mode Vs Friends is accessed by either creating or joining a match. The player creating the match will be given a code that can be shared with friend or foe. Once the match begins, each player will be given ten health. Health works similarly to cubes in ranked mode. Except here, you are not looking to earn more cubes, you now, snap to do more damage. There will also still be the option to retreat in order to receive less damage as well. The first player to deplete the opponent’s health to zero will be named the winner! 

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When to Expect Battle Mode Vs Friends?

After originally being listed as “in development,” Marvel Snap Battle Mode Vs Friends was recently moved to the “coming soon” category in the most recent road map update. The article states, “We’re aiming to release this in the next month or two….”

We now know via Twitter, from CDO Ben Brode, that Battle Mode Vs Friends should be included in a patch towards the end of the season. The new season has begun and is scheduled to end on January 30th. This means tournament organizers and friends alike should expect community competition to begin by the end of the month!

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