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Deepwoken Races Tier List

Pick the right race by using our Deepwoken Races Tier List
Deepwoken Races Tier List

By default, Deepwoken gives you one player slot. Only having one player slot makes choosing your race and finalizing your character seem a bit daunting. This might be the character you’re stuck with for a while, so it’s wise to spend some time contemplating the right race. That’s why we have put together this Deepwoken races tier list for you. 

Please remember tier lists are subjective. This list is simply our opinion on the best-tier races. There are tons of different ways to play Deepwoken, which means there are many different ways you can organize a tier list. Our focus here is more on fast solo progression than anything else. If you want a deeper dive into the individual races, check out our Deepwoken Races Guide.

Deepwoken Races Tier List

AVesperian, Khan
BCapra, Celtor, Felinor, Ganymede
CCanor, Gremor

Note that we omitted Lightborn in this list since it is currently unobtainable. If Lightborn gets reintroduced, we will re-evaluate and find a spot for it on the list. 

S Tier – Adret

Adrets have a passive called Autodidact, which stacks with the Autodidact Boon—giving you +2 stats per level. For that reason alone, we think Adret deserves an S Tier position.

A Tier – Vesperian, Khan

Vesperians start out with more armor than the other races, making them an excellent starting race. The Khan race will allow you to equip items earlier, which helps your progression a ton. Khans would be a lower-tier race if you’re not focused on progression.

B Tier – Celtor, Capra, Felinor, Ganymede

B Tier is stacked with the most races, in our opinion. All of these are interchangeable except maybe for the Red Capra Variant, which provides a nice buff. The Red Capra can easily be an A Tier.

C Tier – Canor, Gremor

Nothing too special about these two races. The reduced hunger on Gremor is pretty lackluster once you get a good handle on food. Canor could be a higher tier race for sure if you were planning on doing a lot of grouping. 

D Tier – Etrean

Etrean is a solid D Tier, almost F Tier in Deepwoken. Its reduction on status effect time, while great for debuffs, also applies to your buffs. 

So that’s our tier list. We hope you found it helpful in your race selection process. If you disagree or want to share your opinions on this list, please feel free to drop us a line. 

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