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Deepwoken Races Guide – Rarity, Attributes, Passives

Learn the Deepwoken race rarities, attributes and passives.
Deepwoken Race Guide

Get out them Robux because Deepwoken is finally out and will cost you 400 Robux to get it. But it’s well worth it. Deepwoken is a well-polished roguelike Roblox experience. This isn’t like your other Roblox games; it’s in a permanent hardcore mode, which means if your character dies, then you start over! Many players may not be used to this type of gameplay, but it sure is fun when you get going. There is a special thrill to the game when you know something is on the line during a battle.

When you first start the game, you have to create a character. Each character in Deepwoken will have an animal-like race; there are 11 potential races. Each race has its own base attributes, passives, and rarities. You can reroll your starting race when creating your character if you don’t like the one you got.

All races start with some sort of base attribute which you can then add more points to in the character creation process.

  • Strength – Increases Carry Load
  • Fortitude – Increases Resistance to Damage and Disease. Increases Health
  • Agility – Improves Parkour and Stealth
  • Intelligence – Increases Ether and Reservoir
  • Willpower – Increases Sanity and Reservoir
  • Charisma – Increases Ether

Deepwoken Races List – Rarity, Attributes and Passives

Adret17.4%+2 Charisma, +2 WillpowerIncreased Starting Rep with Actions and Passive Autodidact (stacks with Autodidact Boon)
Celtor17.4%+2 Intelligence, +2 CharismaCheaper Ships, 10% Health Increase on Ships
Etrean17.4%+2 Agility, +2 Intelligence, +1 HealthReduce Status Effects Time, Reduced Damage from Acid Rain
Ganymede17.4%+2 Intelligence, +2 WillpowerResistance from Sanity
Canor15.2%+2 Strength, +2 CharismaReduces Team Damage
Gremor13.0%+2 Strength, +2 FortitudeLose Less Hunger and Gain Compass
Khan9.3%+2 Strength, +2 AgilityItems can be Equipped with less Statpoints
Felinor8.7%+2 Agility, +2 CharismaIncreased Stealth and Improved Parkour on Wooden Surfaces
Vesperian6.5%+2 Fortitude, +2 Willpower, +2 HealthAdditional Armor
Capra2.2%+2 Intelligence, +2 WillpowerIncreased Food Gain from Eating, or Improves Rest to Group, or Improves Sanity
Lightborn0%+5 To Any Stat, +2 Agility, +2 IntelligenceReduced Damage from Acid Rain

Check out our Deepwoken Races Tier List to see how we rank these races.

There you have it. All the current information on the Deepwoken races. It seems like the Lightborn race is not possible to roll at the moment, but that may change in the future. We will update this list and add extra information as we get deeper into the game.

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