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Dead by Daylight’s New Survivor, Haddie Kaur – All Teachable Perks

Haddie's kit emphasizes tracking and hindering the Killer.
Image via Behaviour Interactive

The Entity that governs the realms of Dead by Daylight is a rather vindictive sort. It gets really snippy whenever people try to investigate what’s going on with it, usually dragging them into the Trials as a Survivor as punishment. The latest unlucky investigator is our newest Survivor, Haddie Kaur. Here’s what you need to know about Dead by Daylight’s new Survivor, Haddie Kaur, including her teachable Perks.

Dead by Daylight’s New Survivor, Haddie Kaur

Haddie has actually appeared several times throughout Dead by Daylight’s background lore, specifically in a few of the Tomes. She’s a podcaster with the extrasensory ability to perceive sites rife with cruelty and evil, which led her to investigate a cult that worships the Entity. Really should’ve left that one alone, Haddie.

Haddie’s kit emphasizes tracking and hindering the Killer as they attack her and her allies, while also boosting her ability to find helpful equipment and repair Generators. Her specialty is utilizing Flashlights to greater effect than usual.

Haddie’s Perks

Haddie starts with three unique Perks: Inner Focus, Residual Manifest, and Overzealous. All three of these Perks become teachables on the Bloodweb at levels 30, 35, and 40, in that order.

  • Inner Focus: You can naturally see all other Survivors’ Scratch Marks when they’re within 32 meters of you. Also, whenever a Survivor drops a health state within 32 meters of you, the Aura of the Killer will be revealed to you for several seconds.
  • Residual Manifest: Successfully blinding a Killer with a flashlight will also inflict the Killer with Blindness for a brief period. Also, you can search a Chest that has already been opened once per Trial for a guaranteed basic flashlight.
  • Overzealous: Activates whenever you successfully cleanse a Totem. Boosts the speed at which you repair Generators for the rest of the Trial.

Using these Perks in tandem prioritizes keeping tabs on the Killer and actively attempting to thwart their strategies. If you spot them tracking another Survivor, use their Scratch Marks to cut the Killer off and blind them with a flashlight. If the Killer has any active Totems, make cleansing them a priority, both for its own sake and to boost your repair speed.

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