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Code Vein Stuck Unpacking on Steam

Code Vein has been launching all over the world for the last two days, and it seems some people are experiencing issues with the Steam version. Some people have reported Code Vein stuck unpacking on Steam, and we did a little digging to figure out how to fix it.

How to Fix Code Vein Stuck Unpacking on Steam

Unfortunately, there isn’t too much you can do to solve this issue. Pre-loading games on steam allows you to download the files in advance, and many files are encrypted so you can’t play them ahead of them.

It may take a while for Steam to fully update their servers and allow access to certain files required to play the game. Servers can also become congested with many people trying to connect at the same time.

Pausing the process and resuming it has worked for some people. You can head over to the download tab on Steam and pause the download. Wait for it to completely pause, and try restarting steam and resuming the download. This can sometimes resolve the issue of having it freeze during the unpacking.

If that doesn’t work, it is recommended to simply let the process go in the background while you do other things on your computer. The speed of your internet and hard drive speeds can affect these sorts of things, so it could take longer for some people than others.

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