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Borderlands Shift codes – free Gold Keys (September 2021)

Get the new Borderlands Shift codes from our up-to-date list so you can claim some free in-game rewards!
Borderlands Shift Codes

Borderlands Shift codes grant players an opportunity to earn in-game rewards and open up those Golden Chests for the good stuff. The codes can be hard to come by, as they release across various social media accounts. Not worry, though, because we’re here to help you out. We compile the latest working Borderlands Shift codes in our wiki below so you can access them all from one convenient location.

Borderlands Shift codes are given out by Gearbox and 2KGames accounts on various social media platforms. Each code is twenty-five characters long and can be redeemed for in-game loot, usually in the form of Gold Keys. You can bookmark our page and check back daily for new Shift codes, as we will keep our lists up-to-date.

Borderlands Shift Codes for August 2021

Borderlands 3 Shift Codes:

  • 5H53J-SBTSH-C6WX9-6JB3T-Z9BFX – 3 Gold Keys (Expires October 1)
  • WZWJB-CTJSS-5FCXZ-XBJ3T-WTHZZ – 3 Gold Keys (Expires September 16)
  • 5S5B3-JTTZH-5RCFZ-FT3JB-HFTR9 – 3 Gold Keys (Expires September 14)
  • 5SK3B-S9HFH-CR56Z-6TJJT-CSR5B – 3 Gold Keys (Expires September 9)

Borderlands 2 Shift Codes:

  • WK533-CZ9KF-X9BF3-3TB33-W9XTH – 5 Gold Keys (Expires September 20)
  • 5K53J-J9HK6-FZ3RB-3BTT3-9JF39 – 5 Gold Keys (Expires September 21)
  • WT5JJ-3HJW9-JJRTZ-J3BJJ-XBKJF – 5 Gold Keys (Expires September 14)

Borderlands 1 Shift Codes:

  • 53CJJ-STBC5-WJ63Z-3TJ33-CJRJF – 5 Gold Keys (Expires September 27)
  • 5JW33-X3TC5-K363Z-B3B3J-5KHF9 – 5 Gold Keys (Expires September 28)

Borderlands Shift Codes FAQ

How do you redeem Shift codes for Borderlands?

There are two ways to redeem Borderlands Shift codes. First, you can visit the in-game Shift menu and enter any of the working codes. Second, go to the Gearbox Shift Code Redemption site, paste a code, and press the check button.

What are Shift codes in Borderlands?

Shift codes are unique codes that are given out by members of the Gearbox community and company. Players can redeem them for in-game rewards for a limited time, including exclusive heads and skins or, more commonly, gold keys. The codes generally expire within a week or two, so it’s best to use them as soon as they become available. The codes are mostly universal, but it’s not unheard of for the team to release codes for specific platforms.

Remember to check back often for updates, and we will keep you posted with the latest working Shift codes!

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