Borderlands 3 Joey Ultraviolet Boss Guide

Borderlands 3 Joey Ultraviolet Boss Guide

Joey Ultraviolet is the main boss in the new Revenge of the Cartels event for Borderlands 3. There are two underbosses leading up to Joey, all of which have a chance to drop some good loot. Our Borderlands 3 Joey Ultraviolet boss guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this encounter.

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Borderlands 3 Joey Ultraviolet Boss Guide

The Revenge of the Cartels event was introduced in the latest patch. It is a seasonal event that lasts from April 23 through June 4, 2020.

To get access to the Cartel area Villa Ultraviolet, you will need to talk with Maurice and accept his mission. Next, you can go to any area and kill enemies that have a neon glow to them and they will drop beacons.

The beacons spawn cartel enemies that drop intelligence. You need thirty pieces of intelligence to access the portal behind Maurice, which is Villa Ultraviolet, and where you’ll find Joey Ultraviolet. You can encounter one of three different gangs in Villa Ultraviolet:

  • CryptoSec
  • The Burnt Ends
  • The Purpatrators

You will also encounter the following underbosses in the Ultraviolet Villa:

  • Roaster
  • The Tenderizer
  • Josie Byte
  • Franco Firewall
  • Tyrone Smallums

Joey Ultraviolet is located down below on the map. He has dogs that attack you while he looks on, so you’ll need to take them out and other other enemies in the arena. After taking them out, Joey Ultraviolet comes down to engage you.

I recommend taking out the underbosses first because they can be more difficult than Joey himself sometimes. Note that there is also a bug with this boss sometimes where he becomes unkillable. If this happens, you may need to save quit, reset your game, and re-engage Joey.

The strategy is pretty straightforward. Deal with the underbosses, and then kill the tenderizer that is shielding Joey Ultraviolet. You should be able to take him out quickly.

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