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Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood DLC: release date and new content

Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood: release date and new content

The upcoming Borderlands 3 campaign DLC Bounty of Blood is only days away. There are tons of new features awaiting on Gehenna and the town of Vestige. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming expansion, including the release date, new gameplay objects, new challenges, new enemies, and fresh legendary loot. 

Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Release Date

The Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood release date is June 25, 2020. Everyone will be able to explore the new content in only a few days. Bounty of Blood is a story of revenge and redemption, set on the brutal planet of Gehenna. 

This frontier planet of Gehenna was once a testing ground for a company’s weapons and bio-experiments. Genetically modified beasts that were once test subjects now overrun the area. A local gang of enemies known as the Devil Rider gang has learned how to tame these beasts, and players need to take them down by whatever means necessary.

“Every character in this DLC is brand new,” according to creative director Matt Cox in an interview with IGN. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting new features players can expect.

Borderlands 3 Level Boost for New Players 

If you’re a new player or just a casual player not too far into the campaign mode, this new feature may excite you. Level boosting allows players to start at the Sanctuary, enabling them to travel to any of the planets, including Gehenna. New players can immediately jump to the new DLC or any other story DLC.

Bounties and Challenges

Answer the Sheriff’s bounties and take down the Devil Riders. This gang managed to tame the wild beasts of Gehenna that the company once experimented on, and you will need to take them out.

Players can expect bounties on high-ranking officials. Some of the challenges directly affect the town of Vestige and add new elements as you complete them. For example, slaying beasts for the creature challenges causes their hides to go on display at the local Tannery. 

There is also a theater in Vestige with a related quest to find lost film reels. Each time a player finds a lost reel, they can watch a portion of a short film. Collecting all of the lost reels unlocks the full short movie, which you can view inside the theater.

New Gameplay Objects

The new gameplay objects coming to Bounty of Blood include the Jet Beast, Telezapper, Breezer, Core-sploder, and Traitor Weed. 

Jet Beast is a new vehicle that’s half-jetbike and half-beast with mounted artillery guns. Aside from the mounted machine gun, players can hijack Jet Beasts with additional weapons like cannon shooters, mortar launchers, and other new weapons. 

The Telezapper is a teleporter that allows players to travel between two points instantly. There’s a breezer as well, which is a jump pad that launcher the player into the air. You will come across the Core-sploder, an object made of Core that launches high-damage projectiles if you melee it. Lastly, Traitor Weed is a plant type object that releases bugs that temporarily cause enemies to join your side.

New Weapons and Loot

There will be a plethora of new weapons to mess around with in Bounty of Blood. The team did not hold back on creativity. One new item, for example, is a side-mission weapon called the Bubble Blaster that shoots out soap bubbles. There’s also a new Torgue weapon that features gyro jets that leave sticky bombs on enemies as it passes through them.

The Western-themed DLC would not be complete without some new pistols as well. There are many more weapons that are yet to announced, so you’ll have to wait until June 25 to explore them all.

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