Best Perks for Daenerys in Multiversus
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Best Perks for Daenerys in Multiversus

The best Perk guide for Daenerys in Multiversus.
Image via Player First Games/Warner Bros. Interactive

MultiVersus has created a buzz in the gaming community. The free-to-play title has brought together popular characters from different worlds of entertainment to play against each other. So all the buzz is valid. It’s one of the coolest game concepts we have seen in some time.

While MultiVersus is a cool game to play, it’s still in open beta and a lot of things are unknown to players. One of the most crucial parts of the game is the concept of Perks and its usage. While we focus on the best perks for Daenerys (who is leaked to be joining the game), let’s delve a little deeper into the topic.

Best Perks for Daenerys in Multiversus

The developers have not introduced Daenerys in the game as of now. We will update this guide with the best Perks for Daenerys in MultiVersus as soon as the character is available to play.

What are Perks in Multiversus

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Perks are like boosts of power to your character, granting different buffs to them. These power-ups allow you to customize your character according to your play style. Perks also depend on a character’s Archetype. Every character unlocks Perks as they level up. However, once a character reaches level nine, they can train any perk they want for a little amount of gold. There are three major categories of Perks in the game. Each category is made with a different purpose and suits characters differently.

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The three categories of Perks are as follows:

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Utility

Apart from the above categories, there are many Minor Perks in the game. Characters in Multiversus already have certain Perks by default. Hence, it’s important to go over a guide to understand the best combination of Perks. For example, a Wildcat Brawler Perk is good for a Tank or Bruiser character and will only be average with an Assassin or Mage.

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