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Control your heavy breathing, simmers because it’s finally coming. The pack that Simmers has been dying to release ever since the Cottage Living expansion was released is coming soon. The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack will allow you to own horses, live a rustic & country life, and create bonds with farm animals. When a new expansion pack is released there’s always an opportunity for modders to release new content to upgrade your experience. Here are some of the best mods we have hand-picked to immerse yourself in Sims 4 Horse Ranch.

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Mods to use in Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack

Mods are incredibly useful to use while playing Sims because they can either improve your gameplay by adding elements that weren’t included in the pack, or, they can give you tweaks to fix some of the bugs. When the Wedding Stories Expansion Pack was released, plenty of modders came to the rescue and released mods that fixed autonomy and created new custom content to have a beautiful wedding.

Will the horses in this new expansion pack be buggy? Will the new world have limitations when traveling with a horse? Here are some mods you can use to help prepare you for the upcoming Sims 4 Horse Ranch pack.

1. UI Cheats Extension – Weerbesu

If you want to spend all of your time on the ranch and you don’t want to look out for your Sim by taking care of their hygiene or giving them sleep, do yourself a favor, and download UI Cheats Extension by Weerbesu. This is our favorite mod to use because of how useful it is when you need to alleviate your Sims needs. You can add new milestones instantly, fill up their needs, and add relationship/romance levels with ease.

2. Controllable Pets Mod – Sims Studios

In this mod, you’ll be able to control any pet around you. It’s mostly used for cats or dogs, however maybe in the future, it will get an update and you’ll be able to control your horse. Imagine being able to see through your horse’s eyes as you’re jumping obstacles, eating hay, and bonding with your owner. The Controllable Pets Mod by Sims Studios is a must-have if you want are a total animal lover and want to play them, as well as, play your Sims.

3. Equestrian Career – BosseLadyTV

We are praying that the new expansion pack will release new careers and new opportunities for veterinarians to take care of horses. If EA Games doesn’t add a career specifically for horse trainers you can use BosseLadyTV mod to add a new career path. The Equestrian Career mod will add the Equestrian career for young adults, adults, and elders. This will create a rabbit hole effect where your Sim will go off to work. We’re begging for the developers to add new careers that focus on taking care of horses, however, if they don’t, we’ll just be adding this mod to our mods folder.

4. My First Pony Pose Pack – SnarkyWitch

If you’re someone who enjoys taking pictures or recording videos of your gameplay you’re going to want to download My First Pony Pose Pack from SnarkyWitch. This will allow your Sims to pose with their horses such as a toddler hugging their muzzle or an adult riding their horse. If you’re not sure how to use poses you need to download Andrew’s Pose Player, Sim Teleporter, and a deco horse. The decorative horse will be in your build/buy section. Once you’ve placed the horse down you need to place the teleporter on the horse and open your pose menu to find the pose pack.

5. Equestrian Riding Helmets – SrslySims

Every equestrian is going to want to have a riding helmet for safety. We’re positive that the new expansion will have clothing options available for horse riders. Just in case they don’t have stylish-looking helmets you’ll be able to download these cute equestrian riding helmets by SrslySims. These helmets are available for all ages, yes, including toddlers, and are unisex. These are perfect for your Sim once they have a horse they can ride.

How to Add Mods to The Sims 4

If you’re new to playing The Sims 4 and you’re not sure how to add mods, don’t worry, we’ve been there. Unfortunately adding mods is not available for console players. If you play on a Mac or PC the formula for adding mods is the same. Make sure you have access to an archiver extractor tool such as winrar or 7zip to unlock .zip files. After you have downloaded the mod it will look like a .package file, or if there’s multiple files, it will show up as a folder after you’ve unzipped them.

After you have unzipped/downloaded the files drag them to your electronic arts folder -> The Sims 4 -> Mods on your computer. If a file looks like .script at the end of its name it won’t be able to go in a sub folder. After you’ve placed mods in your folder, load up your game, and make sure script mods and custom content options are turned on in your settings. Always remember to back up your Sim game and when a new update releases, create a new folder, and add them to your desktop to prevent breaking the game.

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