Remnant 2 Ravager Boss Fight
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All Ravager Rewards in Remnant 2

Don't let him ravage you before getting your rewards!

You will face all manner of mighty bosses in Remnant 2, from the beautiful and artistic Fae to horrible monstrosities like The Ravager. Both prove equally challenging. But The Ravager is unique. It was once the greatest god of Pan, left for dead until The Root corrupted its very being. Now, as an ultimate enemy for you to face, The Ravager boss fight proves challenging and lucrative. But you have a choice. Here are all Ravager rewards in Remnant 2, and which you should choose!

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The Ravager Rewards in Remnant 2

There are four Ravager rewards in Remnant 2, depending on your choices during the initial confrontation with the boss in Ravager’s Lair. These items include:

  • Ravager’s Maw: Shoot the Ravager, then kill the Doe before the boss can eat it.
    • Used to craft Feral Judgement by McCabe.
  • Crimson Membrane: Shoot the Ravager, but let him eat the Doe.
    • Used to craft Merciless by McCabe.
  • Ravager’s Mark: Kill the Doe when asked to by The Ravager.
    • Deals an additional +20% damage to targets afflicted with bleeding.
  • Doe’s Antler: Choose to heal the Doe instead.
    • Used to craft Red Doe Staff by McCabe.

It’s important to note that if you die before The Ravager consumes the Doe, you will receive Ravager’s Maw.

Furthermore, if you revive the Doe, you will receive the following additional rewards:

  • 5 Lumenite Crystals
  • 1 Tome of Knowledge
  • 1 Strange Object
  • 750 Scrap

Alternatively, if you kill The Ravager, you will receive:

  • 5 Lumenite Crystals
  • 1 Tomb of Knowledge
  • 1 Strange Object
  • 750 Scrap

As you can see, the crafting item is the only reward that changes depending on your actions.

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Which Ravager Reward You Should Choose?

The best choice for the Ravager rewards in Remnant 2 depends entirely on your playstyle.

Merciless, crafted using the Crimson Membrane, is the best option if you need a long gun. For that, you must shoot the Ravager but let him eat the Doe. If you prefer melee, you want Doe’s Antler, as it crafts the Red Doe Staff, a melee weapon. In this case, you’ll need to heal the Doe instead.

Remnant 2 is an expansive and challenging game, and there’s nothing wrong with diving into a guide now and again. Gamer Journalist has you covered with hot topics like How to Get Sporebloom in Remnant 2!

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