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All Neon White Weapons, Listed

So many demon-slaying options.
Image via Angel Matrix/Annapurna Interactive

In Neon White, the Believers of heaven provide the titular protagonist with a bevy of “Soul Cards,” heavenly weapons that function similarly to traditional firearms. These weapons aren’t just guns, though; they’re your main means of traversal, and familiarizing yourself with them is the key to getting the best level times. Here’s a list of all of Neon White’s weapons.

All Neon White Weapons, Listed

Every weapon in Neon White has a primary fire mode that works the way you’d expect from the picture on their respective Soul Card. In addition to that, though, every weapon has a “Discard” effect, a secondary ability you can trigger for special traversal abilities and attacks. You’ll find specific weapons in every stage based on the path you’re intended to travel, but it wouldn’t hurt to know what you should be expecting.

White’s Katana

Your default weapon is White’s trusty katana. It has no Discard effect and is always kept in reserve for when you don’t have any other Soul Cards on hand. It only hits directly in front of you and doesn’t do much damage, so it’s based saved only for emergency situations. It is handy for when you want to activate something like a vending machine or an explosive barrel without wasting your Soul Card ammo, though. Just try not to use up all the charges, because then you’ll be left with just White’s fists, which are even more ineffectual.


The yellow Soul Card, Elevate functions like a typical semiautomatic pistol. Every squeeze of the trigger lets loose one medium-damage shot, a couple of which will kill basic demons. Elevate’s Discard effect is an extra jump, good for both getting a little extra elevation and keeping yourself airborne across short distances.


The purple Soul Card, Purify functions like an assault rifle. Hold down the trigger to fire off an automatic burst of shots in a more-or-less straight line, mopping up both low and mid-strength demons pretty quickly. Purify’s Discard effect is a sticky explosive, launching straight in the direction you’re looking. Not only does this explosive deal heavy damage, but you can use the burst to launch yourself up and far. Make sure to practice timed Purify bombs to bounce from wall to wall.


The green Soul Card, Stomp functions like a submachine gun. Hold down the trigger for an automatic spray of weak, yet fast shots. Stomp has a wide spread, not great for distant targets, but better for closer threats. Stomp’s Discard effect is a stomp attack straight downwards, producing a damaging shockwave upon impact. Stomp is necessary to smash through red boards, and the shockwave can also set off explosive barrels to launch you. Just make sure there’s ground under you before you use it!

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The blue Soul Card, Godspeed functions like a semiautomatic rifle. Every squeeze of the trigger unleashes a powerful, straight shot with a long distance. Powerful and precise, Godspeed is good for preemptively dealing with demons you don’t want to get in your way while platforming. Godspeed’s Discard effect is a straight horizontal dash, necessary for crossing wide gaps, that also destroys any demon you pass through. Combined with cards like Elevate, a Godspeed dash can get you almost anywhere.


The red Soul Card, Fireball functions like a shotgun. Squeeze the trigger to fire off a burst of shots with a wide spread. It can’t hit distant targets for beans, but up close, it can eradicate almost any demon in one or two shots. Fireball’s Discard effect is an explosive launch in whatever direction you’re facing. It’s the best parts of Godspeed and Elevate in one package; you can go up, sideways, or whatever way you want, and anything unfortunate enough to be standing in your path gets smoked.

Image via Angel Matrix/Annapurna Interactive


The light blue Soul Card, Dominion functions like a rocket launcher. Squeeze the trigger to launch an explosive in a straight line that detonates on impact, destroying most demons instantly. The detonation can also be used to launch you, much like Purify’s Discard. Dominion’s Discard effect is a grappling hook you can use to pull yourself to any surface in firing range. Use the primary fire to get airborne, then swing from wall to wall with the Discard.

The Final Weapon (Spoilers!)

The final weapon, only available on the True Ending path in the game’s last mission, is the Book of Life. Every shot from the Book of Life that hits its target will both instantly destroy it and instantly launch you to where it once was. The Book of Life’s shot can hit an enemy at any distance; as long as you have line of sight, you can shoot them.

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