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All Legendary Arm Locations in Octopath Traveler 2

If you're gonna swing a sword, make it the best sword.
octopath traveler 2 sunshadow staff
Image via Square Enix

A wise man once said that a warrior’s strength is determined by skill, not the sword he swings. You can have the best sword in town, but it won’t matter if you can’t lift it. Of course, if you can lift a sword, then there’s no reason not to have the best weapon in town, right? After all, why settle for normal when you can be legendary? Here are all the Legendary Arm locations in Octopath Traveler 2.

All Legendary Arm Locations in Octopath Traveler 2

In Octopath Traveler 2, the Legendary Arms are a set of eight special pieces of equipment, both weapons and armor, each inspired by one of the game’s eight base classes. While they aren’t objectively the best gear in the game, they’re definitely up there, thanks to their powerful stats and special abilities.

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Here’s a quick overview of the Legendary Arms and what makes each unique:

  • Mooneater: A dagger that raises the power of both fire and ice-based attacks.
  • Sunshadow Staff: A staff that raises the power of both light and darkness-based attacks.
  • Exorcising Bow: A bow that has a chance to debuff a target’s elemental attack stat on hit.
  • Forbidden Blade: A sword with high attack stats that may accidentally boost a target‘s physical attack stat on hit.
  • Double Tomahawk: An axe that automatically deals an extra attack when used.
  • Fire Dragon’s Glaive: A polearm that boosts the power of fire-based attacks.
  • Vest of Joy: A set of body armor that increases resistance to poison, sleep, confusion, blindness, silence, terror, and unconsciousness.
  • Stone of Truth: An accessory that applies an automatic spell damage buff at the start of battle.

These weapons are hidden all over the world, some in chests in dangerous locales, some in the possession of special individuals, and some locked behind particular sidequests.

Mooneater Location

octopath traveler 2 mooneater
Image via Square Enix

This weapon is in the possession of Ruined Vessel, an NPC who can be found at the entrance to the Lost Seed in the Brightlands. You’ll need to have completed the fourth chapter of Throne’s story before you can reach this area. Once you can, simply find the NPC and use your Path Actions to either purchase or steal Mooneater from him.

Sunshadow Staff Location

This weapon can be obtained by completing a short sidequest near Gravell in the Wildlands. Exit the town from the west and head up the path to find a small cliff with a tree next to it. Change the time to night and wait until a young boy NPC walks by. Use Temenos’s Path Action, Baptize, to pick a fight with the boy, who is actually a shadowy spirit. Defeat it, and the Sunshadow Staff will appear at the base of the nearby tree.

Exorcising Bow Location

This weapon is in the possession of an Elderly Guard in Timberain in the Leaflands. From the center of the town, head west to find a staircase leading down to a small forested area, where the Elderly Guard is blocking a door. Use your Path Actions to either purchase or steal the Exorcising Bow from him.

Forbidden Blade Location

This weapon is found in the Forsaken Graveyard, which you can access from Montwise in the Crestlands. The entrance is a ladder located on Montwise’s south side. The Forsaken Graveyard is a fairly straightforward mini-dungeon, at the end of which is the mini-boss, Devourer of Dreams. Defeat it, and you can claim the Forbidden Blade from its chest.

Double Tomahawk Location

This weapon is found floating in the sea, so you’ll need Partitio to purchase you a ship before you can find it. If you set off from Canalbrine in the Harborlands, just hug the southwest corner of the map and keep going until you come to a dead end with a floating chest, which contains the Double Tomahawk.

Fire Dragon’s Glaive Location

This weapon can be found in the Decaying Temple dungeon, located east of Sai. You’ll need to remove all but one of your party members at the tavern for this, so make sure you’ve got someone you trust solo. From the entrance of the area, hang a left and climb the staircase to find three wall scrolls. Interact with the third one from the left to reveal a secret room containing a chest with the Fire Dragon’s Glaive inside.

Vest of Joy Location

This item is the reward for completing the sidequest A Young Girl’s Wish, which you can start by speaking with the Apathetic Girl in the graveyard east of Conning Creek in the Harborlands. You’ll need to complete a handful of tasks on the girl’s behalf, which will take you all over the place. In short, these tasks include:

  • Obtaining the information about the Adventures of an Apprentice Cleric’s sequel by Scrutinizing the Cleric Novelist at the Borderfall Cleric’s Guild
  • Stealing/Purchasing a Deluxe Crepe from the Crepe Maker in New Delsta
  • Hiring Roland the Floral Designer with Partitio in Timberain

Fulfill all of the girl’s requests, and she’ll give you the Vest of Joy, among other rewards.

Stone of Truth Location

This item is located in a secret spot in the Beneath the Wall dungeon in the Winterlands. You’re going to need to have at least seven members in your active party, accomplished by recruiting/hiring 3 NPCs with Path Actions. If you attempt to cross the rope bridge in the dungeon with seven party members, it’ll break, dropping you into an entirely different dungeon, at the end of which is a fight against the Dreadwolf boss. Defeat it, and you can claim the Stone of Truth.

With these Legendary Arms in your possession, you’ll be another step closer toward building the ultimate party, and looking awesome while you do it.

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