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All Islands, Locations, and Level Requirements in Roblox Blox Fruits

The world is divided into several sea sections.
Image via Gamer Robot/Roblox

In One Piece, the infamous Grand Line, a chain of bizarre islands spanning the entire world, is divided into several segments, each progressively weirder and more hostile than the last. Pirates who enter the back half of the Grand Line often refer to the front half as “Paradise” because of how accommodating it seems by comparison. Still, if you wanna become the King of the Pirates in Blox Fruits, you’re gonna need to travel the entire world.

Here are all of the islands and locations, plus their level requirements, in Blox Fruits.

All Islands, Locations, and Level Requirements in Roblox Blox Fruits

The world of Blox Fruits is broken up into three sea sections, loosely based on the progression of One Piece’s story. This is also why the world is constantly evolving and adding new islands; because One Piece’s story isn’t over yet. The quests on each of these islands require gradually escalating levels, with the current highest level requirement being 2275.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. Here’s the list of islands and level requirements, divided up by seas.

The First Sea

Image via Gamer Robot/Roblox
  • Starter Pirate Island: Level 0-10
  • Starter Marine Island: Level 0-10
  • Jungle: Level 15-30
  • Pirate Village: Level 30-60
  • Desert: Level 60-90
  • Middle Island: Level 100
  • Frozen Village: Level 90-120
  • Marine Fortress: Level 120-150
  • Skylands: Level 150-200 primarily, additional areas at Level 450-575
  • Prison: Level 190-275
  • Colosseum: Level 225-300
  • Magma Village: Level 300
  • Underwater City: Level 375-450
  • Fountain City: Level 625-700

The Second Sea

Image via Gamer Robot/Roblox
  • Kingdom of Rose: Level 700-850
  • Usoap’s Island: Level 700
  • Mansion: Level 1000
  • Green Zone: 875-925
  • Graveyard: Level 950-975
  • Snow Mountain: Level 1000-1050
  • Hot and Cold: Level 1100-1200
  • Cursed Ship: Level 1000-1325
  • Ice Castle: Level 1350-1400
  • Forgotten Island: Level 1425-1475
  • Dark Arena: Level 1000
  • The Cafe: Safe Zone

The Third Sea

Image via Gamer Robot/Roblox
  • Port Town: Level 1500-1575
  • Hydra Island: Level 1575-1675
  • Great Tree: Level 1700-1750
  • Floating Turtle: Level 1775-2000
  • Castle on the Sea: Safe Zone
  • Haunted Castle: Level 1975-2075
  • Sea of Treats: Level 2075-2275

No one ever said traveling the entire world was easy. But hey, when you finally get to the end, you’ll have quite a story to tell. Maybe it’ll even make everyone laugh, if you catch my meaning.

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