All Flower Locations in Antvillage in Stray
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All Flower Locations in Antvillage in Stray

To advance past one of the tasks in Antvillage, you need to find the hidden flowers
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Antvillage is one of the main hubs in Stray. As a result, it is where you will find a number of unique challenges as well as various side quests and collectibles. One of the most notable activities involves you collecting certain flowers for a botanist robot named Malo.

In this guide, we’re going to dive deeper into all of the flower locations in Antvillage in Stray.

All flower locations in Antvillage in Stray

Malo has cultivated plants that can’t live without sunlight and has found some flowers she wants to add to her garden. The issue is that she has no idea where to find these colorful plants. In total, there are three different flowers she needs help finding: the Red Plant, Purple Plant, and Yellow Plant.

Assisting Malo in helping to locate these flowers is also the only way to obtain the Plant Badge. Which is one of the badges you can unlock in Stray. So, it’s well worth it to uncover these hidden flowers.

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Here are the locations for each:

  • Red Plant – The Red Plant is probably going to be the easiest to locate and can be found almost immediately when you first enter Antvillage. First, you will need to locate the pair of robots playing Mahjong, behind them will be a bucket elevator that takes you down to the ground level. From there, you can walk across the pipe to the tree with red flowers.
  • Purple Plant – The Purple Plant can be found after the Red Plant by travelling back to where the robots were playing Mahjong. Here you will find a tree branch protruding from the village. Walk along the branch until you reach the purple flowers.
  • Yellow Plant – Lastly, there’s the Yellow Plant, which is easily the most difficult to find. After meeting up with Zbaltazar, you will need to jump over to the next ledge and continue on until you find a little bar. At the end of it will be a gap that leads you onto a pipe, which will eventually lead you to the yellow flowers.

That’s everything you need to know about all of the flower locations in Antvillage in Stray. Before you go, be sure to check out some of our other Stray content here at Gamer Journalist. Like how to find Clementine in Midtown or how to get the Atomic Battery in Stray.

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