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In this horror game that lives up to its genre, you’ll encounter different endings depending on how many times you play it. It all revolves around the final broadcast of Walter Martins and varies in the way of what is recorded on the mysterious videotape, as well as what message Walter sends you.

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Endings in Teleforum Explained

While playing Teleforum, you could encounter three different endings, depending on the choices you’ve made throughout the game and how many playthroughs you’ve had.

  • Ending 1;
  • Ending 2;
  • Secret Ending.

Ending 1

Ending 1 will occur during your first playthrough of Teleforum. After you enter the apartment in the third act, click on the doorway that leads to the kitchen. As soon as you enter the kitchen, the frame will zoom in to the television, where Walter Martins’ final broadcast is on. Walter will announce a video clip he intends to show to the public.

Yet, the announced video clip does not play. Instead, when the camera goes back to Walter, all you can see is his empty chair. It is assumed that he committed suicide on air. However, you won’t see him dying or what’s on the footage he announced, no matter what ending of the game you get.

Ending 2

Ending 2 will occur on a second playthrough of the game. Just like in Ending 1, once you find yourself in an apartment during the third act, you’ll need to click on the doorway leading to the kitchen. But, this time, the recording of Walter Martins’ broadcast suddenly pauses.

Expect a spooky moment now. Once the playback of the footage stops, you will suddenly hear what’s apparently an audio recording of Walter, where he’s warning you to shut down the TV, stop watching the broadcast, and never look at it again.

Secret Ending

There is another ending in Teleforum and its secret. You can access it already from the first scene of the game. What you’ll need to do is type the secret combination T-124 on the elevator’s control panel, as seen at the end of Act 2.

Once you enter the secret combination on the control panel, you will see footage of a mystery video tape, which was delivered to Walter’s home and left outside the front door by a character called “The Operator.” Spooky, like always in this game, isn’t it?

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