Agree With Johnny Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Agree with Johnny Yeah Or No Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Agree With Johnny Yeah or No Final Fantasy 7 Remake

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’ll need to decide if you agree with Johnny or not during some dialogue in Chapter 9 at the Wall Market. He tries to run away from you, and if you catch him you’ll have to decide between two options. Your choice here will have an effect on two quests later on in the chapter. This guide explains the outcomes of selecting “Yeah” or “No” in this scene.

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Agree With Johnny Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Choosing “Yeah” or “No” in the Johnny dialogue has some effects on the quests you get later on in Chapter 9. Choosing “Yeah” leads you down the road to get two quests from Chocobo Sam. Choosing “No” leads you towards two quests from Madam M.

If your goal is to go to Madam M in the first place, you can choose to just avoid this encounter with Johnny. However, you may be keen on getting all of the Johnny Incidents under your belt for a specific Trophy. If that’s what your after, you will want to select “Yeah”. Either way, it will not make too big of a difference because you can always go back and do it later.

Hopefully, this has helped you decide which decision you want to make for this part of the game. You will encounter other multiple-choice dialogues in FF7 Remake where the answers influence different aspects of the game, such as the Tifa Outfit Options, Flower Peddler, and The Girl We’re Looking For.

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