Will Battlefield 6 have Battle Royale?

Will Battlefield 6 have Battle Royale?

I sometimes wonder if Koushun Takami, the guy who wrote the original Battle Royale novel, knew that he would inspire an entire subgenre of video games twenty years after the fact. Probably not, since online games were barely a thing in the late nineties, but hey, maybe he was psychic. It’s certainly become a ubiquitous enough feature that we now have to wonder if every new shooter will have a battle royale mode. Speaking of, will Battlefield 6 have battle royale?

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A lot of details about Battlefield 6 are still quite murky. We still don’t even have a definitive release date; all we know is that a full reveal of the game is coming some time before the end of Spring, and it’s rumored that the game will be releasing around the holiday season. When concrete details are lacking, speculation naturally begins to run rampant. What features will the game have? How good is the netcode? Is there any crazy new stuff? These are questions that we don’t have answers to, but there is one thing we at least have allegations on.

Will Battlefield 6 have Battle Royale?

According to alleged leaks, Battlefield 6 will have its own Battle Royale mode at launch. The leaker claims that the mode will support up to 128 players at one time and feature the Wake Island, Metro, and Locker maps. Apparently, the maps will include destructible elements, akin to the Bad Company series, both on the micro-scale with trench digging and grenades and on the macro-scale with large building detonations. 

Interestingly, the leaker also claims that Battlefield 6 will act as a sort of “hub” for the entire Battlefield series, allowing players to customize the rules and weapon sets to reflect the standards present in previous games. Players could even customize their games so that one team only uses weapons from one game, while the other only uses weapons from another. 

Obviously, you should take this with a mountain of salt. Until EA actually says something themselves, all we have to go on is speculation, but at the very least, their full announcement shouldn’t be too far off.

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