How to get Legacy Points in Wildermyth

How to get Legacy Points in Wildermyth

Winning a game of strategy and army-building is about more than just gathering up all of your toughest dudes and blindly hurling them at the enemy in a ball. It’s about placement, utilization, and perhaps most importantly, sabotage. After all, an enemy that can’t muster an offensive force is naught but a mild inconvenience. To put the most pressure on your foes in Wildermyth, you’re going to need Legacy Points. Here’s how to get Legacy Points in Wildermyth.

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Legacy Points, or LP, is a special resource accrued over the course of a Wildermyth campaign. LP serves a dual purpose in both strengthening your forces and weakening your foe’s. You can spend LP to recruit new Heroes to your side, as well as construct Stations that provide helpful resources. LP can also be utilized to hinder the enemy army’s attempts to blitz you, cancelling dangerous events like Calamities and Incursions and preventing them from drawing cards.

How to get Legacy Points in Wildermyth

There are five primary ways to earn LP in a campaign. The first and best way to earn LP is to clear an Assault Mission. If you clear out a map tile of enemies entirely, you’ll receive a big LP payout. However, you’ll only get this payout once per campaign. Clearing another tile out won’t yield any LP.

Story events and missions can also yield LP. When you’re given a critical decision during a random event, if you make the correct choice, you’ll receive some LP for your trouble. Not all events payout LP, but the ones that do pay in spades.

If you manage to capture an Elemental Spirit that occasionally appears on an Assault map, you’ll get two choices: receive an elemental weapon of the same affinity as the Spirit, or set it free and receive one LP. 

While it’s a bit unpleasant to think about, if your Heroes are killed in battle, they’ll also yield LP. You can have your party construct a large memorial for them on the spot to get two LP immediately, or you can wait until the end of the chapter to have them buried with their family, which also yields two LP.

Speaking of chapters, the last way to get LP is to simply clear a chapter. Unlike the other methods, rather than a flat payout, you’ll receive more LP depending on how well you did in the chapter. Things like defending cities, clearing Incursions, and building Stations will net you more LP at the end of everything.

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