What are the Classes in Wildermyth?

The key to a good party in a roleplaying game like Wildermyth is, if I may quote Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, to “know your role.” Every party member has a role in a combat encounter, and it’s by adhering to those roles that you’ll reach success. If you want to properly know your role, you need to know what kind of tools you have to work with. So, what are the classes in Wildermyth?

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What are the Classes in Wildermyth?

Wildermyth has three main classes that your Heroes can adopt once they graduate from being simple farmers. These classes are as follows:

  1. Warriors: Melee fighters who use large, two-handed weapons and shields.
  2. Hunters: Ranged combatants that fight from a distance with bows and traps.
  3. Mystics: Magic-users who can perform interfusions, drawing magic from objects around the battlefield.

While it may seem like there’s not a lot of potential in just three classes, there are a variety of ways to spec each one, to the point where one class has the potential to grow into two distinct classes.


For example, Warriors can opt for a guardian build with a specialization in shields and defense. What they lose in damage-dealing capability, they gain in tanking capability, able to withstand hits and defend teammates. On the flipside, you could opt for a berserker build, forgoing defense entirely in favor of all-out offense. 


Hunters are much the same; you can specialize in bow attacks to become a sniper, controlling the battlefield from a distance, or you can try for a sneaky rogue build, turning invisible and striking from behind while confounding foes with traps.


Mystics probably have the most potential, as they can spec in any number of ways relating to their various magical capabilities. You can focus more on dealing straight elemental damage, or you can chip away at foes with status ailments like stun and poison.

While Wildermyth’s classes seem simple on the surface, the limits of their depth go only as far as your own imagination.

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