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Who is Natsu’s Love Interest in Fairy Tail? Explained

Natsu-Lisanna or Natsu-Lucy?
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If you’re a fan of Fairy Tail, you might’ve been used to how Hiro Mashima, the series creator, leaves things hanging and then answers them in the next episodes. That’s why it’s frustrating that he ended Fairy Tail in an open ending. There are still unanswered things like “Gray finally learned how to wear a shirt,” “What happened to our favorite love teams?” or “Who did Natsu end up with?”

NaLi or NaLu – Who is Natsu’s real love interest in Fairy Tail?

In terms of love stories in the series, nothing beats the two ships surrounding the main protagonist, Natsu Dragneel. It’s Natsu-Lisanna or Natsu-Lucy. One is a relationship that started in their childhood, while the other has developed on the battlefield. Fans have followed these ships in the hopes that it’s canon, but an interview with Mashima revealed that none of them would sail.

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Natsu Dragneel and Lissanna Strauss are childhood friends. They have been very close ever since they were little, so it’s not uncommon for them to fall in love with each other. The two were inseparable to the point that they built their hut to live on. They even had their small family wherein Lisanna considered Happy, Natsu’s “Exceed” pet, their son. Sadly, their relationship weakened through time, but some bits and pieces are still shown throughout the series.


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Lucy Heartfilia joined Fairy Tail with the help of Natsu. This led to them forming the closest relationship among the Fairy Tail guild members. They went on quests together and experienced life-and-death situations together. Despite their initial disdain for each other, their relationship went deeper, and soon enough, the two found themselves caring for each other that they were almost seen as a couple by their guild mates. Still, the actual score between them wasn’t answered since Trollshima decided to end things without confirming anything.

Natsu’s Real Love Story

According to the interview, Lisanna, Natsu, and Lucy were supposed to be in a love triangle. Still, since the fans of these ships were so passionate about supporting their tandem, he was so afraid of the backlash of the decision he’ll be making, so he decided to let Natsu be himself and be neutral about the whole situation.

However, he left a statement that if he has to choose between the two ships, he thinks that NaLu is more suitable because Lisanna is such a good girl that it’s a shame if she’ll end up with Natsu.

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