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Where to Find Searing Flame Harchek in Dragonflight

Do you smell what the Harchek is cooking?
Image Via Blizzard Entertainment

Being able to pick a profession in World of Warcraft is as easy as picking one in real life. Well, not really, you get to save up in education, hard work, and tears. A lot of tears. But anyway, putting my frustrations aside, levelling up while fishing or crafting jewelry is very rewarding and extremely satisfying. And to do that, sometimes you must go hunting for new opportunities, quite literally. This time is not the exception. We are going to tackle the cooking profession today, so be prepared. Here is where to find Searing Flame Harchek in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

Where to Find Searing Flame Harchek

So, firstly, you must know that the Searing Flame Harchek is an NPC that is a point of interest for players that have the cooking profession. This elite mob will have several drop options, including a cooking recipe. In spite of this recipe not being specially unique or game-changing, it is a good way you can keep upgrading your skills and become a Master Chef of sorts. In order to find the Searing Flame Harchek, you will have to travel to The Waking Shores, more specifically to coordinates 32.4, 68.4. You will find the mob lurking in the lava. You know what you have to do. Go ahead and kill it and hope you get the cooking recipe. And I say hope because it has been reported that this recipe in particular has a very low chance of dropping. So, before you get mad, just have a little patience and keep killing the mob. Thankfully, it is easy to kill him and he will respawn after a minute.

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I hope you don’t get to spend an eternity farming the Searing Flame Harchek for that recipe. If you do, then, well, I wish you a lifetime of happiness. But I know you won’t, so go ahead and level up those cooking chops, my friend. May the RNG gods shine upon you.

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