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Where to find a song for Morusque in Stray

Sooth the savage beast.
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One of the first characters players will meet in Stray is Morusque. This robotic busker can be found down the steps to the left of The Guardian. He is sitting at the side of the road, upset because he has a guitar but no songs. He also has a nice place for you to sleep if you are in the mood. If you want to get your hands on some songs for him, we have a couple of ways.

How to get a song for Morusque

The first way to do this is to interact with the vending machine directly in front of Morusque. Doing so will cause an Energy Drink Can to fall out. You can then pick this up and walk past The Guardian to the opposite end, where you will find the market. At the market, you can trade a single Energy Drink Can for some sheet music if you wish.

There is another sheet of music close by that you can grab, however, and this will allow you to hold on to the Energy Drink Can.

From the Guardian, turn to face behind you and walk toward the robot standing at the vending machine outside the building with the red sign. Go inside, then take the stairs on the left and go upstairs. Up there, you can jump onto a table on the far side of the room where you will find some sheet music.

Interact with the sheet music to pick it up, then you can bring it back to Morusque who will start playing that song for you. You can find lots of other songs spread throughout the game.

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