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When Does ESBC Come Out? eSports Boxing Club Release Date

eSports Boxing Club Comes Out Release Date

With the end of the EA Fight Night series in the early 2010s, boxing fans have not been blessed with a solid boxing game since Fight Night Champions in 2011. Developer Steel City Interactive hopes to change that with their release of eSports Boxing Club. 

ESBC is an ambitious title, boasting a killer roster of boxers, online play, realistic controls, and top-tier graphics. With all the new information and videos dropping on the title, boxing fans are starting to get excited. eSports Boxing coins itself as a realistic boxing simulator putting it in the same wheelhouse as the Fight Night series and far apart from arcade-style titles like Ready 2 Rumble.

When Does ESBC Come Out?

eSports Boxing Club (ESBC) Early Access is rumored to release as early as the end of June 2021 on Steam for PC, with Xbox and Playstation shortly afterward. The official early access date given by the developers is the Summer of 2021. It will be available for both PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox One Series S/X. The graphics look incredible from the current gameplay trailers, and it will be interesting to see how the last-gen consoles handle them. PC players can rejoice with the title being released first on Steam. However, this will be a controller-only game, so keyboard and mouse will not be supported.

Update 7/29: As per the July developer update video, the launch window for ESBC has been pushed back indefinitely. Look out for future announcements to include an official launch date.

When Does ESBC Come Out

ESBC will adopt the currently popular seasons model and will include DLC packs. So continued content for the game is expected. As far as game modes go, the developer has confirmed a very in-depth career mode. Your boxer will rise through the amateur ranks until you hit the pro circuit and start collecting those belts. Along your journey, you will be able to hire the team around you, from the promoter down to the cutman. Much to everyone’s delight, online multiplayer is also in the works for ESBC. With quick play coming in the form of exhibition fights and a ranked leaderboard. 

We are excited about this promising title! Check back with us for new updates as they are released.

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