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What’s the Difference Between Red Nucleus and Gold and Black Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy?

Whatever you need to know, we 'gacha'.

Tower of Fantasy is a great new gacha game that sees players using different nuclei to draw weapons, resources, items, and ‘simulara’ to assist them in their quest. Along your travels, you will gather a lot of these nuclei, is the form of the Gold Nucleus, the Black Nucleus, and the Red Nucleus. They are used in different draws and offer different rewards. So, what is the difference between them?

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What are the differences?

Essentially, there are different rewards up for grabs with different probabilities between the Black Nucleus cache and the Gold Nucleus cache. There is no difference between the Red Nucleus cache and Gold Nucleus cache, aside from exclusively containing Nemesis, a Simulacrum with the Venus weapon.

Gold and Red Nuclei cache

These caches are designed to spit out weapons and simulacra at you, as that is exclusively what they drop, aside from the one Weapon Battery III.

You are guaranteed an SR weapon every 10 pulls, and an SSR weapon at least every 80 pulls.

The Red Nucleus cache is a limited-time event.

Black Nucleus cache

This cache contains the same characters and weapons as the other two caches, except this cache also contains elementcores, elementhearts, and weapon batteries I, II, and III. This significantly lowers the probability of finding a simulacrum, and there are no guaranteed pulls.

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How to find Black and Gold Nuclei

Black Nuclei are somewhat common, as they are a frequent prize for solving puzzles in the game. As you explore, you will find yourself bumping into them a lot, so try to solve the puzzles as you come across them and make sure to keep an eye out.

Gold Nuclei are found minimally through exploration, but are regularly used as rewards for achievements, tasks, rewards, and from bosses. So making sure to claim your rewards is always worth it, you might find yourself swimming in them, especially in the early game.

How to find Red Nuclei

Being a time-limited event, you cannot find them through exploration or through regular rewards. instead, you can buy them for 150 dark crystals each. These are not exactly rare, so you can afford to try your luck a little. Alternatively, they may be exclusive rewards for time-limited events, so keep on pulse with the current events.

There we have it, all the Nuclei and their differences. Keep an eye on Gamer Journalist for more gaming and Tower of Fantasy content.