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What is the Best Power Stone in Hypixel Skyblock?

Unlimited power!
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Minecraft surely has spawned an endless amount of custom-made games, modes and maps. Hypixel Network hosts since 2016 a server that is dedicated to mini-games. Personally, I found that idea very accessible for newcomers, which is the testament of their success. One of those mini-games included in Hypixel is called Skyblock, in which players embark on an adventure to find the best armor and weapons in the game. With that being said, combat is an essential part of this mini-game, and one way to turn the tides of combat on your favor is to use Power Stones. What is the best Power Stone in Hypixel Skyblock? Let’s find out together.

The Best Power Stone in Hypixel Skyblock

While I would love to tell you that a specific Stone is the best Power Stone in the game, that would be an absolute. And only Siths deal in absolutes. Moreover, the choice of the best Power Stone in Hypixel Skyblock is totally related to the way you play the game. Here is a list of various Power Stones and their power boosts.

  • Luxirious Spool: grants you a high amount of crit damage and a little amount of attack speed.
  • Scorched Books: gives you ferocity, attack speed, crit damage, crit chance and strenght. Expensive, however, so check out the two following entries.
  • Furball: a balance of boost including crit damage, strength and speed.
  • Magma Urchin: similar to Furball, but with the addition of bonus attack speed.
  • Eccentric Painting: very powerful for Mages, giving intelligence and ability damage, but it is extremely expensive (so check the following entries as well).
  • Horns of Torment: a low tier Eccentric Painting, but still very powerful stone which grants intelligence, strength and crit damage. And of course, cheaper.
  • Ender Monocle: ideal for any play which wants a huge intelligence boost, cheaper than Eccentric Painting.

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So now that you know which Power Stones to pick up, make sure to grind away and get the best gear in the game, fast!

Hypixel Skyblock is available now exclusively in Minecraft Java Edition, via Hypixel Network. If you like our Skyblock content, be sure to check out Hypixel SkyBlock for Beginners and How to get dirt in Hypixel SkyBlock.

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