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What does last resort do in Blox Fruits

It just shines... menacingly...
Blox Fruits
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Blox Fruits is the popular anime Roblox game that takes place in an unofficial rendition of the One Piece series. You can fight enemies and defeat bosses any way you choose, one of the ways being using Fruits. Each Fruit has its own skill set that you can use. However, one move, last resort, is not obvious in what is actually does. What does last resort actually do in Blox Fruits?

What last resort does in Blox Frutis

In Blox Fruits, most of the skills that each Fruit has are clear in how they function. For the Human Fruit, V3, however, the move last resort doesn’t have a clear function. When used, it surrounds your character in orange swirls for a few seconds before fading, with no apparent attack or debuff on any opponent. So, what does it do?

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Last Resort, is not exactly an attack move, but a buff move. When you perform last resort, you get a damage boost for 6.5 seconds. The buff increases the closer you are to death, so it truly becomes a last resort. However, it is also a last resort for another reason, as most players avoid it out of confusion.

It has a 20 second cooldown, which is quite optimistic. For this move to be worth it you’ll have to defeat all of your aggressors before your damage boost ends, else you will be in quite the pickle. If you are close to death, then you do receive quite the damage boost and this move comes in real handy. Most players would prefer something else, however.

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