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Valorant Viper Trailer Reveals Abilities and Gameplay

Riot Games

Riot Games dropped a trailer showcasing Valorant’s Viper character along with some gameplay footage and an overview of her toxic abilities.

Valorant fans got a sneak peek at Phoenix last week, a fiery character capable of throwing fireballs. This is the second character to be showcased for the upcoming competitive first-person shooter from Riot Games.

The United States Viper Agent will be a go-to for players who enjoy playing support classes. She has many abilities that will thwart enemy pushes such as Toxic Screen, Poison Cloud, and Viper’s Pit.

Valorant Viper Abilities


This thrown projectile explodes with acid and damages all enemies who step foot inside of it.

Poison Cloud

Poison Cloud creates a poison cloud that emits out of a gas canister. The canister can be picked up and thrown again.

Toxin Screen

A giant wall of gas is emitted for a limited time until the skill meter is depleted.

Viper’s Pit

A Toxic Cloud that damages enemies while also revealing their locations, so long as Viper is inside of it.

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