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Riot Games offers Twitch viewers exclusive VALORANT Player Card

Exciting news for anyone that has been religiously watching VALORANT on Twitch. Riot Games is now offering all viewers who watched enough VALORANT on Twitch an exclusive player card.

The new player card is based on view hours, and even those who have not been lucky enough to get into VALORANT closed beta will receive this in their account at launch.

Valorant Twitch Player Card

VALORANT Player Cards

Player Cards are a way to customize the look of your profile, which can be seen by other players. Various in-game tasks can reward you with unique player cards. The cards are typically themed to the tasks required to unlock them.

Players can also further customize their Player Cards by adding a title. Some example titles are Daring, First, Grenadier, Informant, Recruits, etc…

Titles are unlocked in the same manner as Player Cards, and typically relate to whatever task was required to unlock them.

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