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Valorant Spike Detonation and Defuse Time

Riot Games / Valorant

Valorant is the upcoming competitive first-person shooter from Riot Games. With the release of the gameplay footage, the entire gaming community seems hyped about this one. This will be Riot’s first foray into the FPS genre, so we’ll have to wait and see how things pan out for them.

The gameplay footage gave us a lot of insight as to how different mechanics of the game work. For the most part, it’s an interesting blend of Counter-Strike gunplay and Overwatch classes and abilities. Two teams of five compete against each other, where one team defends and one team attacks.

Map objectives will be to blow up a bombsite, just like in Counter-Strike competitive matches. Valorant’s version of C4, however, will be called the Spike.

Valorant Spike Detonation and Defuse Time

In the gameplay trailer footage, we can see the attacking team plant the spike at around 1:35. It then is very close to detonating around 45 seconds later when it was defused. The Spike defuse process took approximately 7.5 seconds.

Counter-Strike offers the defending team the option to purchase a Defuse Kit, which speeds up the entire defuse process significantly. Something like this is yet to be seen in Valorant.

There is, however, a marker about halfway through the defusing process. Some people are speculating this marker will allow you to stop defusing and resume at this point once it’s reached. We have not been able to confirm that yet but it may be the case.

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