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VALORANT Sensitivity Conversion From Other Games

VALORANT is the new competitive first-person shooter from Riot Games, creators of the incredibly popular MOBA game League of Legends. Many former and current professional first-person shooter players from Counter-Strike, Overwatch, and Apex Legends will be giving the game a shot.

Today, April 3rd, is the day that streamers who participated in this past weekend’s VALORANT Bootcamp playtest will be showcasing their footage. We got some solid information from various content creators in regards to mouse sensitivity in VALORANT.

How to Find Your VALORANT Sensitivity

Each first-person shooter has a different sensitivity scale. Some games are a lot more sensitive than others. We’re not quite at a point in gaming when all companies use a uniform standard mouse sensitivity, and gamers are patiently awaiting the day that becomes a reality. In the meantime, you can use these sensitivity conversion formulas to find a comfortable VALORANT sensitivity.

CS:GO and Apex Legends to VALORANT Sensitivity Conversion

Players coming from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be excited to know there is an easy way to convert your sensitivity over to VALORANT with a simple formula. All you need to do is take your current CS:GO sensitivity and divide it by 3.18.

Overwatch to VALORANT Sensitivity Conversion

The conversion between VALORANT and Overwatch is a bit more drastic than for CS:GO. If you want your game to feel the same in VALORANT as it does in Overwatch, simply divide your OW sensitivity by 10.6.

Rainbow Six Siege to VALORANT Sensitivity Conversion

R6S has a bit slower overall sensitivity than the previous games. VALORANT players coming over from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege can multiplier their sensitivity by 1.2 to get their new sensitivity.

It is important to note that the FOV (field-of-view) in VALORANT is different than these other games listed above. VALORANT uses 100 horizontal FOV. For that reason, your sensitivity will not feel 100% the same. Using the conversions above, it will make your sensitivity as close as possible to your other games, but you still may need to tweak it.

To recap, here are the sensitivity conversions by game:

  • VALORANT Sensitivity = CSGO or Apex Legends Sensitivity / 3.18181818
  • VALORANT Sensitivity = OW Sensitivity / 10.6
  • VALORANT Sensitivity = R6S Sensitivity * 1.2

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