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VALORANT Sage Guide: Abilities, Gameplay, and More


We take an in-depth look at VALORANT’s healing Agent: Sage. She provides healing for herself and her team wherever she goes. Sage can revive fallen teammates, and even fend off assaults from the opposing team. Every team composition needs a good support class, and Sage is that Agent.

Sage Abilities

Being the only healer in VALORANT, Sage’s abilities are pretty unique. She has the only revive in the game and some useful support abilities as well. Support characters like Sage require a specific playstyle, so if you don’t enjoy playing support, she may not be the Agent for you.

Healing Orb

Sage’s signature ability is her Healing Orb. She can click on any teammate to cast healing orb on them and give them a heal over time (HoT). Right-clicking with Sage’s Healing Orb will cast a heal over time on yourself instead.

This ability heals your health bar back to 100 and has no effect on armor. It has a very long cast range and doesn’t appear to have a distance limit as long as the teammate you’re trying to cast it on is in your vision. Casting this on a damages teammate at the right moment can cause an enemy blunder.

Slow Orb

Sage’s next ability is called Slow Orb. She launches a frozen orb forward that explodes when it lands, causing a field of ice to slow enemies caught inside of it. This ability affects both the enemy team and your teammates, so be careful where you put it.

You can slow down enemy attacks by placing this in the right chokepoint. It’s probably most useful on defense, including defending the bombsite after you’ve planted the spike.

Barrier Orb

Barrier Orb is one of the abilities that has been showcased since the original VALORANT trailer. Casting this allows you to create a big wall of ice that can be rotated in any direction when you right-click.

You can use this ability to boost yourself or your teammates to unorthodox positions. Barrier Orb is also useful for gaining some off-angles that can be used to catch enemies by surprise. You can also obviously use it to completely block off a lane or chokepoint, forcing the enemy team to take a different route.


Sage’s ultimate ability allows her to revive a downed teammate. Target a teammate’s corpse and revive them after a short delay. You need to be close to the body to resurrect them. The revived person has full HP with no armor, and the weapon they die with assuming you didn’t steal it.

According to the streamers and playtesters, it doesn’t seem as overpowered as everyone originally thought it would be. There are not many situations where the resurrection will be a gamechanger, other than in certain clutch situations.

Sage may be heavily used in pretty much every team composition due to the healing and resurrection abilities. She seems like an all-around solid support Agent that can really come in handy. It’s too soon to tell if her moves will be all that effective against a stacked offensive team, though.

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