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Valorant Reyna Guide: Overview and Abilities

As of June 2, Valorant is officially launched in several regions around the world. On launch, players were surprised with some new skins, new maps, and a brand new Agent named Reyna. In this guide, we will give you an overview of the new Valorant Agent Reyna, along with a description of her abilities.

Valorant Reyna Abilities

Reyna is from the heart of Mexico. She is a dominant solo player and becomes stronger with every kill. Her four abilities are Leer, Devour, Dismiss, and Empress.

Leer (C)

Reyna equips an ethereal, destructible eye. Activate to cast the eye a short distance forward. The eye will Nearsight all enemies who look at it.

Devour (Q)

Enemies killed by Reyna leave behind Soul Orbs lasting three seconds. Devour instantly consumes the soul orb, healing her for a short duration. Health gained through this skill exceeding 100 decays over time. If Empress is active, the skill automatically casts and does not consume Soul Orbs.

Dismiss (E)

Reyna instantly consumes a nearby Soul Orb, becoming intangible for a short duration. If EMPRESS is active, she also becomes invisible.

Empress (X)

Instantly enter into a frenzy, increasing fire rate, equip, and reload speed. Gain infinite charges of Soul Harvest abilities. Getting a kill renews the duration.

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