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Valorant’s newest mode ‘Replication’ draws parallels to ‘One for All’

Valorant’s official Twitter released two more trailers that display more functions of the game’s newest mode, Replication. While the first trailer only showed multiple Brimstone smokes, the last two trailers feature Cypher and Skye. Take a look below.

In Cypher’s video, the player stepped into a sea of tripwires and during the frantic shooting, manages to catch a glimpse of five cameras on the wall ahead. This is very telling as there were only five cameras, no more or less. Because of this fact and how Valorant is traditionally played, one can start to infer that Replication is a team of five agents instead of one agent with five times the abilities.

Skye’s video is a little bit harder to see, and half of it is because of the blinding bird flashes. Again, there are no visible agents anywhere on the screen, but the number of flashes executed would be unbelievably difficult to control by one player. After the flashes, manual control of five individual wolves charging at the player can be seen, reinforcing the five agent theory.

Many have speculated that Replication is Valorant’s version of One for All in League of Legends. The latter mode was formerly only available in scarce intervals until Riot decided to release the game mode more commonly during events such as Worlds or Christmas Events. Many remain concerned because One for All had many balance issues that had to be rectified in realtime while the mode was available.

According to Valorant Leaks, the mode will feature a best of nine, with teams voting on which agent to play. At the very least, there seems to be a slight balance change already in place regarding blinds. If a player is hit with two blinds within a short time interval, any more blinding abilities will have zero effect on the player for a few seconds.

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