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VALORANT Raze, New Leaked Agent

Riot Games

The first leak of a potential new VALORANT agent has been found inside the game files. Riot Games confirmed the game will launch this summer with 12 Agents, so there’s still three more to go. One new Agent might be named either Clay or Raze, and she seems to be centered around using explosives. All information here is based on a Reddit thread from a data miner.

VALORANT Raze Abilities

A string from her game files reads, “Clay loves explosives. With her blunt-force-trauma playstyle, she excels at flushing entrenches enemies and clearing tight spaces with a generous dose of “boom”.”

  • Ability 1 – Cluster Grenade
  • Ability 2 – Satchel / C4
  • Signature – Boomba
  • Ultimate – Rocket Launcher

The satchel ability is also referred to as C4 in the files, so we all know what that’s going to be. Boomba looks like it’s a drone that you can dive into the enemy team and have it explode.

Another user commented with a link to a ‘Characters’ folder containing other potentially new Agents that may be incorporated into the game in a future update.

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