VALORANT Omen Guide: Abilities, Gameplay, and More
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VALORANT Omen Guide: Abilities, Gameplay, and More

This guide takes an in-depth look into one of VALORANT’s more mysterious Agents: Omen. He hunts in the shadows, teleports to sneaky unsuspecting locations, and causes the enemy team to question his possible position. While all of his abilities make a lot of noise, his mobility is what makes him a nuisance to play against.

Valorant Abilities

Dark Cover

Omen’s signature ability allows him to equip a shadow orb and throw it at a marked location. A long-lasting shadow sphere is created that blocks vision. Right-clicking while targeting to move the market further away. Holding the ability key while targeting allows him to move the marker closer.

Dark Cover is essentially a fancy mobile smoke grenade. This ability has some interesting mechanics, such as it slowly falling to the ground if you launch it into the air. You can throw it into doorways and stand in it, and come up with various other creative ways to utilize it.


Omen’s next ability is called Paranoia. This ability fires a shadow projectile forward, reducing the vision range of all players it touches. It can pass straight through walls and objects, as well. Anyone hit by this object gets nearsighted.

It’s a good ability to use in narrow halls or chokepoints. Stunt the opposing team’s vision so you can slow down a push or catch the team by surprise. Paranoia makes you feel like you’re standing in a smoke grenade for a few seconds if it hits you.

Shrouded Step

Omen’s next ability seems awfully reminiscent of one you may have seen in Overwatch. It functions exactly like Reaper’s Teleport ability. Using the ability shows you a range indicator, where you can fire to select a location, and then dematerialize and teleport there.

There’s a slight inactive period after you teleport. You can use this ability for mobility, to get into unorthodox spots to catch your opponents off guard, or even to escape from situations. It’s a top-tier ability when it comes to competitive play.

From The Shadows

Omen’s ultimate allows you to choose anywhere on the entire map and teleport to it. You appear in the new location as a Shade that can be destroyed by an enemy to cancel the teleport. The Shade goes back to the original location if it’s killed.

If you get the teleport completed, you become incorporeal for a short period of time, where you won’t be able to do anything. One of the easiest ways to utilize this ability is to cast it mid-round and get an easy flank on the enemy team. Another way to use it is teleporting to bombsites for a quick bomb plate or bomb defuse.

Omen is a deadly Agent if you master the Shrouded Step and From The Shadows ability. If you are good at positioning or enjoyed playing Reaper in Overwatch, this is one Agent you need to try.

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