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Valorant: NRG Clinch Close Match Against LG

Luminosity Gaming received circuit points at the last Masters 1 tournament, placing top 8 in a hotly contested bout of powerhouse teams. However, NRG cannot be discounted as a mediocre team, consistently placing highly in the open qualifiers for every Challengers Tour Qualifier to date.

Game 1 on Split was a banger of a series – each side fragging out with all players dutifully executing their role. Although LG’s duelist composition was fearsome, NRG drafted a more controller style of play, slowly but surely making progress towards their goal. The game ended with bottom fragging NRG daps making a ghost diffuse on the spike with seconds to spare while being hunted down by LG YaBoiDre.

Image via Nerd Street Gamers

Game 2 on Bind was also a closely contested match, up until halftime. Ending the half at 6-6 spoke more to LG’s poor attacking prowess than NRG’s defenses. Once NRG went on the attack, the game ended anticlimactically with a 13-7 scoreline. With this win, NRG advanced while knocking LG out of the Champions Tour Round 2 contention.

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