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Valorant Night Market (June 2021)

Valorant Night Market

According to Rumblemike from Valorant Leaks, the Night Market special shop will be returning for players later today on June 2nd.  The Night Market is a special area of the shop that is not unlike League of Legends’ ‘Your Shop’.  In the Night Market shop, a set of six skins are on sale for a limited time, with discounts ranging anywhere from 10% to 50% off, with most players receiving an average discount of 30%.

How to Access the Night Market in Valorant

In order to access the Night Market, players should head to the Valorant homepage screen in-game and look towards the upper right of their account.  Next to their Radianite and Valorant Point balances should be an icon that looks like a card, and that will immediately take you to the Night Market area.  

What Skins are Chosen?

According to Riot Games, the Valorant Night Market randomly chooses skins specifically for each player.  In the League of Legends Your Shop, skins were chosen based on the champion play rate for each player and whether the skins for played champions were already purchased.  

In Valorant, it would not be surprising to see a similar algorithm used to target players.  Maybe a player enjoys using the Sheriff over a Ghost or Frenzy during the pistol round and consequently, they will find an Aristocrat Sheriff in their Night Market.  Because Phantom is the weapon of choice for many,  those who use it frequently may be delighted to find something like the Nebula Phantom for 40% off awaiting them later today.

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